About Us

Since 1950, Johnston & Daniel has been serving generations of southern Ontario’s most respected families in representing their distinctive properties. Offering caring, intuitive service and building long-term relationships with our clients, Johnston & Daniel is the standard of excellence in real estate.

Johnston & Daniel was established in 1950, and became a division of Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. in 1994. After serving the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding markets for over 60 years from our Central Toronto location, in 2014, Johnston & Daniel expanded with the introduction of our Oakville office in the heart of downtown.

Today, Johnston & Daniel continues to define the luxury experience with professionalism, integrity and a dedication to excellent service that is unrivalled in the real estate industry.

A history of forward -thinking

In the early 1950s, founders Robert Johnston and Eggerton Daniel had an interesting idea: hire women to sell homes. It was a revolutionary approach in the post-war era, when real estate was a predominantly male bastion and women stayed at home.

But Johnston and Daniel weren't looking to work with just any women; their unique approach was to hire the elegant ladies who lived in the very areas in which they were most interested in selling homes. And why not? These were the smart, often well-educated women who moved in Toronto's "society" circles, who were looking for a meaningful way to occupy their time, and had the right connections to make the Johnston & Daniel Real Estate company a success.

This initiative was immediately accepted by a number of female sales agents who lived in the Rosedale, Moore Park, Forest Hill and Lawrence Park areas of Toronto. As a result, the Johnston & Daniel name quickly became the most sought-after real estate brand for the best homes in Toronto's premiere neighbourhoods - and has remained so to this day. Our name and our distinctive shield-shaped sign continue to confer elegance and prestige.

Jamie Gairdner took over the helm of Johnston & Daniel from his uncle in the 1970s. Jaime successfully ran and expanded the firm until its merger with Royal LePage in 1994. With the merger, two very strong brands were combined to form the powerhouse Royal LePage Real Estate Services/Johnston & Daniel Division.

As Johnston & Daniel has flourished, so has the brand’s reach into prestigious locations beyond Toronto. Ranked among Canada’s best places to live as well as one of Canada’s wealthiest communities, Oakville Ontario was the ideal location for Johnston & Daniel’s first office expansion. The contemporary, yet elegantly appointed, Oakville office opened in August of 2014, and in keeping with the history of the original Johnston & Daniel office, has attracted an elite sales force and clientele.

Currently, the management team of Heidi Noel, Dianne Usher and Ahmed Helmi  leads the dynamic, high-profile Johnston & Daniel brand as it continues to be a destination company for proven and successful real estate professionals dedicated to a culture of excellence.

Johnston & Daniel Oakville Office Johnston & Daniel Oakville Boardroom